Cultures take place in disposable culture bags and our durable rubber cap has bulkheads for disposable aeration and vent tubes. $4.00. If you're going to drill the bottle tops go ahead and drill two caps. Phytoplankton Starter Culture., Smart Stir Magnetic Stirrer (OUT OF STOCK), Carbon In The Reef Tank - Part 2 (Repost), How to eliminate Flatworms (Red Planaria), two 2oz nanochloropsis disks (product number AA-NCP), one 8.5oz bottle of micro algae grow (product number FA-MIS), 3' strip lights for 2 fluorescent tubes, normal output is fine, 2 3' fluorescent lights (get the cheapest you can find), timer (cheap, no need for anything heavy duty), small shelf for air pump and gang valves (I made mine with wood I had), waterproof marker for writing dates on bottles, about 10' of soft silicone air tubing (regular will do if you can't get the silicone but the softer the better), 2 brass gang valves that have 3 outlets each (if you can only get plastic ones get the best you can find, the cheap ones are too hard to adjust), 2 or 3 3' lengths of rigid tubing small enough to fit inside the flexible airline tubing (note - you may have to order these, they can be hard to find), air pump with 2 outlets (a cheap one is fine for a small culture center, if you plan to run 6 or more bottles invest in a good one), a syringe or something for accurately measuring the fertilizer in milliliters. Split the culture after two or more weeks, saving half for your tank and half to start new bottles. It just doesn't crash! You will need two to start with and at least another two a week or so later. It's the ongoing expense of repeated phyto purchases that can be saved by culturing it at home, not the initial investment in a starer culture that can benefit the hobbyist. Wash and rinse your hands and get out your culture disks. If you didn't add the micro algae grow fertilizer to the culture medium you can now add it to the bottles. In theory, culture conditions should resemble the alga’s natural environment as far as possible. Get our dense cultures of live algae Isochrysis or brown phyto to feed saltwater aquarium, reef tank. Splitting your culture for further use. Buy it Now. Here is a bottle of it, next to a small bottle of DT's. Get the best live coral food and fish food. My list includes just the bare necessities but your cultures will be no better with more supplies. Buy Isochrysis Galbana or Iso starter culture.. Get our starter cultures of live algae, Isochrysis or brown phyto to feed saltwater aquarium, reef tank. 2013: This page has helped thousands of people over the past 10 years to grow their own, and all the necessary information is provided to help you grow it in the comfort of your home. I developed this method because it is cheap, easy and works for me. Don't be tempted to use phytoplankton that is too old, it will be at its best for 3 or 4 days after maturing but can be used up to a week. Live phytoplankton disk for starter culture NANNO chloropsis occult is a beneficial micro algae found throughout our oceans. Details. Fill the bottles to within a couple inches from the top with culture medium. Seawater used for algal culture should be free of organisms that may compete with the unicellular algae, such as other species of phytoplankton, phytophagous zooplankton, or bacteria. I ordered new disks from Florida Aqua Farms, new Micro Algae Grow, and tried my best to have the cleanest equipment possible. Any recommendations for sources of these (or other) phytoplankton/ diatoms starter cultures in South Africa or Guillard's F/2 or Walnes phytoplankton fertilizer are welcome. These disks contain freeze-dried phytoplankton cultures and are easy to use per the manufacturer's instructions. Starter Cultures & Phytoplankton; Starter Cultures & Phytoplankton Details. continuous use and supply of phytoplankton. Mercer of Montana Live Phytoplankton - Great Starter Culture (2) 16oz Nannochloropsis + 8oz F/2! On. I drilled it to make a little spigot tap and keep a powerhead inside to keep it mixed. How much money does a phytoplankton starter culture cost? Liquid Starter Culture - Tetraselmis Culture your own Tetraselmis Phytoplankton. The most common sources of contamination include the culture medium (sea water and nutrients), the air (from the air supply as well as the environment), the culture vessel, and the starter culture. When the order from Florida Aqua Culture arrives: STEP 10 - Feeding phyto and continuing the culture. This bottle is also perfect as a starter culture allowing you to harvest your own phytoplankton. Get a pair of scissors (for cutting the airline tubing). We have put together the basic requirement to grow the harvested amount and take it to the next size bottle. Those bottles are now ready to go into your station, starting the process all over again. Amazon. The first and Culture Kits; E-Books; Egg Zooplankton; Live Phytoplankton (Algae) Feeds; Live Phytoplankton (Algae) Starter Culture Kits. Starting a live phytoplankton culture in the home is easy and requires very space. Do not use tank water or natural sea water, it has to be new salt water (with no micro organisms) and should be kept sealed to prevent contamination. Starting a live phytoplankton culture in the home is easy and requires very space. 5 … aka Flame*, Melev’s Reef was built to educate hobbyists, providing the best detail to help readers succeed as reef keepers and avoid common pitfalls (often due to lack of knowledge or misinformation). It can be tricky to know just when it's ready but it doesn't have to be exact. Live phytoplankton disk for starter culture NANNO chloropsis occult is a beneficial micro algae found throughout our oceans. I just need to get a good starter culture of pods and then I'll make more in my lab . Dec 8, 2016 #43 hollback Well-Known Member View Badges. By: melev | Tags: phyto, phytoplankton, recipe | Comments: 0, Susan did a great job putting together a working manual for everyone follow, including myself. (If you wish, pour one full bottle of phytoplankton through the rotifer screen (or a couple of coffee filters if you don't have that) into a clean container to strain out larger chunks out of the phyto). STEP 7 - Preparing the starter culture disk. If you aren't going to drill the bottle tops get a couple tissues. Info. Like Reply. In Image B (above) you can see what I was doing. No more drinking out of bottles allowed in your house! This repository of articles grows annually, sharing what I know and photo-documenting those experiences.Â. Warning: Some online Ebay and Amazon sellers use Miracle-Gro to culture Phytoplankton, while this may actually work, Miracle-Grow contains a variety of very harmful chemicals including copper that you do not want to introduce into your aquarium. Flame*Angel from has an excellent page that I followed to get my own culture started. This kit is good for two groups (n=4); one to be used as the experimental group and one to be used as the control group. Regular price $17.99 Sale price $17.99 Regular price. $21.99. The culture should grow on its own to reach that deep, emerald colour. Hydro algal fertilizer guilds f 2 formula in an 8 ounce bottle with flip-top cap. So I turned to Anthony Calfo asking for help. Product Attributes: upc=0706098555711, species=nannochloropsis oculata, water type=marine, water temperature=tropical, difficulty level=beginner, country/region of manufacture=united states, sku=574745596113291. Liquid Starter Culture - Tetraselmis Culture your own Tetraselmis Phytoplankton. What's Included? Canadian Center for the Culture of Microorganisms; CIBNOR (Mexico) If well sealed, culture medium can be kept for months. It's harmless and as you propagate more and more you'll eventually get rid of it. I filled a second 2-liter bottle the same way. Culture medium is just new salt water mixed at a specific gravity of 1.020 with some micro algae grow fertilizer (2ml per gallon) in it. 5 ml of Miracle Grow All Purpose Plant Food (fertilizer) was added to the bottle. Nannochloropsis is both fresh water and marine, there is a chance that it could survive and cause an ecological problem. I add 1ml to each bottle. Nannochloropsis live saltwater Phytoplankton starter culture for sale. Rigid airtubing is inserted through the cap of the bottle, and an air pump gently bubbles around the clock.  I'd also like to add that I have no idea about human consumption, which apparently some sources have suggested might be a viable alternative. 8 sold. Please visit us at and don't forget to click the subscribe button if this was helpful. Then my clownfish started to lay a clutch of eggs every two weeks, and the only way I'll ever rear them is if I have live rotifers to feed them. The first picture in this section shows how the culture bottles are set up in a bucket. the 8th day of culturing split 1/3 of your culture to restart a new 2 litre bottle. Use another source of live phytoplankton such as DT's as a starter culture. If there isn't any liquid left, put a few more drops of culture medium on them. (If you wish to strain this to remove larger stuff, run it through the rotifer screen and then poured into a new clean bottle.) Flagellates and diatoms are two important types of phytoplankton at the base of the food chain. For the first 2 to Florida Aqua Farms (in the USA) also sells Microalgae culture disks of Nannochloropsis , Tetraselmis , Isochrysis and Dunaliella as well as rotifer/ amphipods and culturing equipment if anyone is interested. Accessories Phytoplankton Algae; Freshwater; Marine; Live Zooplankton (PODS) New Products; Preserved Algae Phytoplankton; Preserved Zooplankton; Research & Plankton Nets; Water Treatments - Vibrant; Wholesale From shop MercerOfMontana. I've been growing phytoplankton for about two years. His routine is very simple, and he doesn't split it for a month or longer. The objective of splitting culture is to maintain a growth phase so you have . $13.00. It should bubble gently, and not be a rolling boil. There are other ways which may or may not produce better cultures. Plankton Delight (10oz) - Live Phytoplankton:Amazon et Supplies Guillards f/2 which is algae food Live Phytoplankton - Great Starter Culture (2) 16oz Nannochloropsis + 8oz F/2! Supplied in 250ml pouch. Details. We supply algal feeds and zooplankton to universities, marine ornamental growers, and over 500 fish, shrimp, and shellfish hatcheries in … Two new bottles should be filled half way with 1.019 sg saltwater plus 1 ml Micro Algae Grow. The other bottle you cultured should be shaken well, and poured into a clean container. Remember, it's pretty much free from here on in, it's better to give it away or discard it if you have too much. Accessories; Culture Kits. You should start new bottles with fresh phyto, within a few days of maturing. Live Phytoplankton Starter culture (You can get starter cultures from various sources such as Florida Aqua Farms, Reed Mariculture or even a local hobbyist) Flexible Airline tubing Rigid Airline tubing Air pump Culture containers (2L soda bottles work great. By culturing directly from a Petri Dish, you can be assured that you have only Nannochloropsis Oculata, and not a mixture of various types of microalgae. If you reuse your tubing, check the end to make sure it hasn't become clogged. I used to use a couple 1 gallon jugs I had to mix up my culture medium but I've recently switched to using an old Instant Ocean salt bucket so I don't have to mix it as often.  Fort Worth, Texas 76133 • 15 minutes from downtown. 10/13/18: I feel that these experiments have shown that it is possible to grow your own phytoplankton without purchasing a live culture. You will notice quite a lot of algae on the surface of the water- this is Live saltwater algae or marine micro algae for sale. The document has been permanently moved. Starter culture from someone (even DT's would work, I've been told) If you used nannochloropsis disks the culture should be very green with no brown tinge to it and be so dense that you cannot see through it at all, even with the lights shining behind it. It bubbled for 3 weeks, never crashed and got darker and darker. Melev’s Reef was built to educate hobbyists, providing the best detail to help readers succeed as reef keepers and avoid common pitfalls (often due to lack of knowledge or misinformation). 5 ml Miracle Grow Houseplant liquid food, per bottle, per batch This page is specifically intended for the needs of saltwater aquarium livestock. Copepods Brine Shrimp Rotifers Phytoplankton Special Coral Mix 125 ml. This is a good kit to start out with if you are curious about algae experiments, it is designed to give you everything you need for a science project either at home or in a classroom. I use up almost one bottle a week, so about once a month I have one bottle too much, which I give away (and accept a small donation from the grateful reefer occasionally). $15.05 shipping. 50. This combo pack includes: (2) 16 oz Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton (1) 4 oz f/2 Fertilizer based on Guillard's f/2 formula.. Liquid starter culture is a convenient fresh live virgin inoculant of Tetraselmis which is ready to start culturing when you need it. To start off from scratch, fill up two bottles completely, stopping about 1" from the top. Growing your own algae for fertilizer is one thing, but you have to be careful if you want to grow it to use as a superfood. Tisbe ... $ 22. Free Shipping! Used to feed reef tank aquarium.  If you are a breeder of fish fry, you'll need phytoplankton to maintain rotifer cultures, and rotifers are used as the first food newly released fry consume. This must be stored in the fridge and is ready to feed to your tank every other day. If you don't plan to start a culture upon receipt, then the starter culture can be refrigerated for future use for up to 90 days.
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