A comparison review between the new Kobo Libra H2O and the Kindle Oasis 3, both with 7" 300 ppi E Ink screens. Kobo Libra H2O is designed for a better reading life. Rakuten says its HZO Protection gives the Kobo Libra H2O water resistance to the IPX8 rating, with endurance of up to 60 minutes in 2 meters of water. That also includes the two physical page-turn buttons. This isn't a premium-feeling device, but this seems to be standard among even quite premium eReaders. But is it any good? The Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 is the second edition of the first waterproof Kobo ereader. And we would recommend using sleep/wake rather than power off/on in any case, since it's quicker and battery life probably won't be a concern for you. It works well as a one-handed device, assuming you're using it without the sleep cover, and you can apply enough pressure with the meat of your palm to hold it steady while using the buttons with the thumb of the same hand. An additional power button on the back puts the device to sleep or powers it off completely, depending on whether you press and release or press and hold. There's also a nice (optional, but enabled by default) feature where swiping upwards or downwards along the left edge of the screen adjusts the brightness. 455 global ratings. The only difference from the previous edition of H2O … It can handle being submerged in up to two metres of water for up to 60 … Aside from being significantly cheaper, as outlined in the last section, the Libra is obviously more portable. Visit our corporate site. It's also available on John Lewis. It's available in black and white finishes, whereas the Forma comes only in black (indeed, in our Forma review we commented that it would be nice to have some alternatives), and it offers 12 fonts, compared to the Forma's 11. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. Food. Unlike more traditional tablet-like ereaders like the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Aura One, the Libra H2O’s asymmetrical design closely resembles the Forma and the Kindle Oasis. But the downside to the Forma’s bigger size is that it’s less portable – the Libra, conversely, is compact enough to fit into a smallish shoulder bag, satchel or handbag, so it’s more friendly for anyone who wants to read on the go. You can hold the grip with your left or right hand, and if you've got auto-rotate activated it will know to swap the function of the buttons as well as flipping the screen. We put the Libra H20 to the test in our full review The Libra H20, as the second part of its name implies, is water-resistant. This was our main concern with the Forma, and it remains so here. The Libra H2O takes a lot of the design elements from Kobo's 8-inch, $280 Forma, which I find to be just a little too big and a little too expensive. If you can cope with the curatorial problems on the Kobo eBook store, this is a great choice of eReader. The Libra H2O, is waterproof. Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. The underlying hardware that keeps the Libra H2O ticking consists of a Freescale Solo Lite 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage – which, sadly, can’t be expanded as there’s no microSD card slot on board. The … You can even pull up a list of chapters from this new menu. There was a problem. Bath Heck, you’ll even be able read plain old TXT files on a Kobo device. After moving to another location within a book, there will also be a dot on the slider marking your last page, so you can get back to it easily with a single tap on the dot. E-reader … But Kobo … It's located on the opposite side to the grip - so it's top left (quite convenient) if you're holding the Kobo with your right hand, or bottom right (slightly less convenient) if you're using your left. It weighs 192 grams, just a hair heavier than Amazon’s device, but it boasts the same IPX8 certification, which means it … But IPX8 is now offered by Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis (although not its basic Kindle), and it's also part of the Kobo Forma's specs sheet. If, however, you’re a more casual reader and spend no more than an hour or two reading per day, you can likely push that to around four to six weeks with display brightness set to about 15%. We independently review and compare Kobo Libra H2O against 5 other ebook reader products from 3 brands to help you choose the best. In our full review we test and rate the Kobo Libra H20's design, features and performance, and help you decide if this is the right eReader for you. Check our Amazon deals roundup for the best current price. The new Kobo interface adds an improved ebook navigator that’s accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen or tapping in the middle of the display. How to watch England vs Ireland cricket live, IPX8 water-resistance - up to 60 mins in 2m of water. In our full review we test and rate the Kobo Libra H20’s design, features and performance, and help you decide if this is the right eReader for you. • To turn your eReader on: Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Most people will source most of their books from the official branded store tied to their reader, and the Kobo eBook store, while offering a good range of titles both new and old, is far less able than the equivalent Kindle Store to offer user-tailored recommendations and useful curation. It also offers one-touch access to all your annotations, and a search box so you can look up a specific word or phrase through the entire book. 4.6 out of 5 stars. The GHI's Tried & Tested review of the Kobo Libra H20. The Libra H20 has an RRP of £149.99/$169.99, and can be bought from the UK or US Kobo sites. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The user interface remains largely unchanged but there are some new features, The new ebook navigation scrubber makes it easier to skim through your current read and find your previous place again, You can hold the Kobo Libra H2O in any orientation and read. It comes with 8G of storage, 6.8″ glare-free screen, and is waterproof if you like reading on a beach. If you're using one of the official sleep covers you'll find that it obstructs access to the power button, but arguably it also makes that button semi-redundant, since closing the flap puts your Kobo to sleep and opening wakes it up again. The Libra is made of matt plastic throughout, having seemingly lost the glossier screen bezel seen on the Forma; only the cover of the power button offers any kind of shine. Kobo Forma vs the Kobo Libra September 10, 2019 By Michael Kozlowski 13 Comments The Kobo Libra is the latest generation e-reader and it is going to be available in a week or two. Just like the Forma before it, the Kobo Libra H20 owes a design debt to the Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s high-end ebook reader. (A score of 9 is theoretically available, and certifies resistance to pressurised or high-temperature liquid, but this generally applies only to road vehicles.). He occasionally ventures outside the Apple bubble to write about eReaders. The prices shown above are the best available right now, though you may need to buy quickly as some deals will sell out. 4.6 out of 5. TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You can quickly do all the basics, like adjust the font size, look up unfamiliar words, add annotations, and change margin and line spacing. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? And it feels like the Libra would survive if you dropped it a moderate distance - which should be less likely anyway because of the pleasingly indented texture on the back. With the cover on it still just about works in this way, but you do feel the extra weight: it would become tiring after a while, and you find yourself propping up the device with your little finger. If we're demanding a 300ppi 7in screen, 8GB of storage and IPX8 water resistance, the most obvious Kindle comparator is the Oasis, which has an RRP of £229.99/$249.99. If you happen to be a Pocket user (a website and browser plugin that lets you save articles for reading later), you can sign into your account on your Kobo and all saved articles will automatically be synced to your ereader. (That device is also available with 32GB, an option that isn't offered with the Libra.). The Libra’s user interface is simple, with only one or two points of difference from the older models. Like the Forma before it, there’s a gyroscope inside the Libra H2O that’s capable of detecting full 360-degree movement. Physical page-turn buttons. 5 star 78% 4 star 14% 3 star 3% 2 star 2% 1 star 3% Kobo Libra H2O White. The back has the same rubberized texture to improve grip, particularly when reading in water, thanks to the IPX8 waterproofing. But what about eBook availability? The Libra H2O is a new 7-inch e-book reader from Kobo, which at £149.99 (inc. VAT; or $169.99) sits below the company's flagship 8-inch, £239.99 (or $249.99) Kobo Forma. There was a time when water resistance was a killer selling point for an eReader, and it's certainly handy for a device that by its nature tends to spend a lot of time next to swimming pools. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. by Kobo. All rights reserved. Another reason we’re partial to Kobo is because of its support for multiple, open file formats. The company simply has access to far less user data than Amazon. Kobo Libra H2O is also waterproof, so you can read anywhere. The Kobo Libra H2O can handle a large number of e-book formats, so you can download books from Google Play, your public library, or elsewhere. Read the full GHI review. How does that compare to rival devices? It really improves the sense of immersion in the text, and makes the Kobo feel slightly more like an actual book. When digitised, even the largest book is a tiny file. The perfect balance between a comfortable reading experience and modern design with a 7” glare-free screen, available in black or white. The latest Kobo is water resistant and can adapt its backlight for outdoor or bed time reading. There's no longer a one-size-fit-all SSD. Find Daily Deals, read previews & reviews and get book recommendations. However, the Libra H2O’s new version of the Kobo OS has added a few new features, which have selectively been rolled out to some other Kobo ereaders. Kobo has a new e-reader out, the Libra H20, which looks to join the existing Kobo Forma in taking on Amazon’s luxury Kindle Oasis, with a similar one-handed design. The best deals are not always on Amazon. How to watch Vitality Blast T20 cricket live: Finals Day! Our local branch has very few good eBooks available on OverDrive, sadly, and the decline of British library funding slightly undercuts this feature's appeal. But by making this compromise you benefit in other ways. • To put your eReader to sleep or … Search. By Cyber Week is here! If you turn your eReader off, you’ll go directly to your Home page when you turn it on again. You can read books in EPUB or PDF format, and there’s support for CBR and CBZ formats for fans of graphic novels and comics. The Kobo Libra H20 offers the same great design and features as its larger Forma sibling, squeezed into a smaller package with a considerably smaller price tag. The Kobo Libra H2O sets the bar for non-Amazon ebook readers with flexible format support and a terrific form factor. The Forma offers a larger 8-inch screen, but the Libra H20 sticks with 7 inches and is almost precisely the same size as the Oasis. By David Price, Macworld Editor | 25 Nov 2019. The Kobo Libra H20 could be the perfect choice. The Kobo also supports its maker's OverDrive service, which allows you to download more recent titles for free from your local library... if you can find any decent ones. We were already partial to Kobo’s UI and these improvements make it a lot more streamlined than the cluttered interface on a Kindle. PROS Excellent format support. During our test period, we spent about three to four hours each day with the Libra H2O for over a week (with brightness set at 8%) and barely made a dent in the battery indicator on the screen. One bezel is … The Libra has essentially the same design as the Forma (thumbs up for that), only shrunk down a bit. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The progress bar on the lower part of the navigation overlay makes it easier to scan forwards or backwards through a book and be able to find your place again. This is a standard offering, in other words. Here's why. One bezel is … When you rotate the device, for example, the change in page orientation is a lot quicker than its bigger brother, and using the onscreen keyboard is more responsive and immediate. But where the Forma … It has a rating of IPX8, which is the highest given to consumer devices for liquid protection and certifies that it can withstand up to 60 minutes of immersion in 2m of water. Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2. Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices. Open up to over 6 million eBooks and audiobooks on award-winning eReaders and the free Rakuten Kobo App. Kobo Libra H2O White › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. Receive news and offers from our other brands? That means you’ll be able to read in portrait orientation with the page buttons either on the left or right, or in landscape mode with the buttons above or below the display. This UK retailer will have Xbox Series X stock before Christmas – here's how to get one, The new Xbox Series X update makes things feel a bit more next-gen, Where to buy Xbox Series X: the latest restock updates for Cyber Week, Where to buy PS5: Amazon UK restock is now available, Antivirus alone is no longer enough to keep your devices protected, PS5 storage could be worryingly expensive, if this 2TB NVMe SSD is anything to go by. The Libra is also markedly cheaper, as previously mentioned, than the Kobo Forma, which costs £239.99/$279.99 with 8GB of storage. © Copyright 2020 IDG Communications Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 20 May 2020. If you can cope with the curatorial problems on the Kobo eBook store (most obviously by getting literary recommendations, or sideloading free eBooks, from other sources) then this is a great choice of eReader at an appealing price. Learn more. Kobo Libra H20 review Kobo's latest is smaller than the Forma, but still smart and robust, with great water resistance and a good screen. Tapping the centre of the screen toggles between displaying or hiding options, such as text size, brightness, rotation lock, contents, annotations and more. It’s a good size, though a tad too large to slip into most pockets. It strikes us as competitive. Color … Another major benefit of the Kobo OS is baked-in Overdrive support, which in supported countries can allow you to borrow ebooks from your local library – a very handy money-saving tool. It's still obvious that recentness, rather than curation or appropriateness, is governing what you get to see on even quite high-profile pages of the store. “ The Kobo Libra H2O is everything the Kindle wishes it could be ” – Input Read in comfort Get ready to binge on your favourite books. Kobo's new Libra H2O combines the design and key features of the Kobo Forma, in a smaller form factor that features the same 7-inch display size as the Amazon Oasis. Now the company has followed up with a similar device that's a little smaller, but also considerably more affordable: the Libra H20. We would suggest that it's really a two-handed device when encased in the sleep cover. Price and where to buy The Libra H20 has an RRP of £149.99/$169.99, and can be bought from the UK or US Kobo … With a comfortable ergonomic design, Kobo Libra H2O makes it easy to read longer, while page-turn buttons and landscape/portrait mode allow you to read … © (A similar design ethos was reportedly used on the original iPad, so it's a strategy with good pedigree.). England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Don't despair, however, because Kobo eReaders do far better than their Kindle peers when it comes to sideloading books from non-proprietary sources. Sharmishta Sarkar, Please refresh the page and try again. Dropbox also has an agreement with Kobo that allows users to wirelessly transfer files from a Dropbox folder to the Kobo device – a much easier way to get free or non-DRM books and documents onto your reader than laboriously plugging in a USB cable. On one occasion the Libra behaved oddly after powering on, displaying the syncing symbol (even though we didn't have Wi-Fi at the time) and then refusing to respond to taps or button presses when it finally landed on the home page. That appears to have been a one-off, fortunately, and reading has otherwise been a pleasant and unobtrusive experience. It matches the 1,200mAh battery that’s in the Forma which, we found was capable of powering weeks of constant reading. You will receive a verification email shortly. We also love the feature whereby the cover of the eBook you're currently reading automatically becomes the screensaver when you go to sleep or power off. The side piece, or lip, along the side is the same, carrying over the ergonomics of the prior model. Apart from its size, the Libra H2O doesn’t deviate all that much from the Forma. Rakuten says its HZO Protection gives the Kobo Libra H2O water resistance an IPX8 rating, with endurance of up to 60 minutes in 2 meters of freshwater. At time of writing, perhaps through sheer luck, there were no eBooks that could be so termed, although three of the 24 books on show were in Spanish (even though we were on the British English version of the site) and several others, such as a collection of Tolstoy novels, were manifestly not short stories. It looks like a stockier version of the Kobo Forma, but the Libra H2O has a screen that’s far more responsive than its bigger brother. Funnily enough there are a couple of other differences that fall in favour of the Libra. At 192g the Libra is nice and light. The Libra H2O takes a lot of the design elements from Kobo's 8-inch, $280 Forma, which I find to be just a little too big and a little too expensive. Model number: N873-KU-BK-K-EP. Write a review… Read our Kobo Forma review for more information on that device. If you are an avid reader and spend pretty much all day doing just that, then you should be able to get about two weeks’ worth of use between charges. The Forma’s physically larger display may not sound like a significant increase over the Libra (8 inches vs 7 inches) but, in the flesh, that difference is quite stark, and arguably makes for a more immersive reading experience on the bigger Forma – and that extra screen real estate means it can fit more words, so you’ll be turning the page a bit less frequently too. Most importantly the Libra supports ePub natively, which makes it easy to download copyright-free classics from sites such as Project Gutenberg; it's not all that difficult to get Gutenberg books on to a Kindle, but the lack of native compatibility means you have to convert the file first. (Ugh, such inconvenience!). The Libra H2O takes a lot of the design elements from Kobo's 8-inch, $280 Forma, which I find to be just a little too big and a little too expensive. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! David is a keen advocate for the Apple ecosystem, and enjoys offering advice to owners of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. We also made our by-now traditional visit to the front page of Kobo's Short Stories section, where in the past we have reliably found soft porn. BA1 1UA. Thanks to the latest generation of black-and-white E Ink technology, page turns on the Libra are almost immediate, whether you choose to use the touch interface or the physical buttons, and its smaller and lower-resolution screen make it a bit faster than the Forma in many areas. Tapping on the righthand side of the screen turns the page and tapping on the left goes back by default, but these settings can be fine-tuned.
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