It is best known for its thorny seed pods that are about the size and shape of a candy gum ball. Spray the sweetgum balls thoroughly with gold paint. Wreath is made with egg cartons and balls from a sweetgum tree. Candy canes are affordable, making it possible to create several candy cane crafts. Just like leaves, they must fall, so the tree can prep for new growth. The sweet gum wood is also used for fabricating veneers, flooring, and making decorative baskets. They can be left in their natural state or painted for use in your Pinecone Crafts Kids Pine Cone Crafts Christmas Crafts For Kids Christmas Fun Xmas Christmas Ornaments Sweet Gum Tree Crafts Arts And Crafts Diy Crafts. On our typical route, there are 3 trees that bear these weird little balls. Don't cut down your sweet gum trees or spend a ton of money on a lawn vacuum. This past Election Day, my sister and I decided to take advantage of our kids having the day off. For decor ideas, I filled a decorative glass jar with Sweet Gum Balls and orange pumpkin pom-poms for color. If you want a smaller quantity of the spray, mix 3 fluid ounces of the chemical with 1 gallon of water. Once your pods are clean and dry, “paint” scented oil (like cinnamon) onto the pods. Use a straw wreath base. Directions Sweetgum pods soak up oils, much like pinecones. Sweet Gum Balls, for crafts, decoration in bowl, (50 pieces) these are not seeds for planting. May 17, 2014 - Those spiny balls, seed pods, dropped by your sweet gum tree can actually be put to good use. Its active ingredient is ethephon, another chemical that I believe may be regulated. Be sure you pick the green balls, the brown ones are finished for the year and won’t make a tincture. Certainly makes the job of picking up the sweet gum balls a LOT easier! This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard. 100Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Gum Balls Natural Fresh, diy Crafts Hobbies Ornaments . This wreath is made from the seed pods from the sweet gum tree. Very clean, uniform sizes, great color and no broken ones! 81. The only difference is sweetgum balls drop all fall and winter. There is another commercial product called Floral Brand Fruit Eliminator® that acts as a defruiting agent to control sweet gum balls. They may be available in craft shops in the North, or perhaps you can find a place to buy them on line. Bake the gum balls in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. There are also the Mini Sweet Gum Ball Harvester, the 12" Classic Flip-Up Sweet Gum Harvester, and the 18" Sweet Gum Ball Push Harvester for a decent amount of trees and land. Bag-A-Nut plucks the sweet gum balls out of the grass like magic. Spray the sweet gum flowers until they're wet but not to the point the spray runs off the flowers. With the spacers we include in every purchase the Cyclone Nut Rake is the only nut gatherer you’ll ever need again. Typically, 1 quart of the chemical needs to be mixed with 10 gallons of water to make a spray. Thank you for looking! 75 Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Gum Balls Nuts Natural Fresh, Crafts Hobbies Ornaments. The sweetgum wood has many uses, particularly veneer, furniture, flooring, interior trim, woodenware, paper pulp and to make baskets. Make the investment in a Bag-A-nut and enjoy your lawn again! Clip off all the stems. The spiky clusters are actually balls of fruit with tiny seeds inside that birds and squirrels snack on. This is to make sure there isn’t anything living in the holes. Vote HERE are your winners and runners-up! I am gathering fresh sweet gum balls as they are falling!! They sure came in handy for crafts and decorating! There are also lots of crafts you can make for gifts! However, the search is long overdue; we’ve taken hundreds of walks in our neighborhood and have run into the same patches of ‘spiky balls’ countless times. Here in Arkansas, they are easily gathered. Here’s how its done: Pick enough green sweet gum balls to fill at least a clean, sterilized glass jar that has a tight fitting lid. Most, if not all, have stems still attached. Gather up a lot of gum balls. The Sweetgum Ball’s wood is second only to the Oak. Are sweetgum tree balls … Our Sweetgum Wreath is a fun kids craft for Valentine's Day. A Bag-A-Nut Sweet Gum Ball machine would easily pick up those pesky Sweet Gum Balls so you can utilize all these amazing benefits! Amazing sweet gum balls! Recommend it to anyone with a Sweet Gum Ball Tree. Dry thoroughly. Place them in a plastic bag for at least a week, being sure to shake the pods every few days. 50 Sweet Gum Balls For Crafts Hobbies Ornaments | AKA Sweetgum or Witch's Balls. Plus super speedy shipping and extra secure packaging ensures this will be my go to place for sweet gum balls! $0.99 This video is about Make Money With Sweet Gum Balls E-mail: Once the Sweet Gum Balls are off your property the possibilities are endless. The sweet gum is a large tree that often grows up to 100 feet tall. $6.00 + shipping . While these can be annoying to find around your yard or to step on, there are quite a few crafts that can be made from the seed pods with a little creativity and a few supplies. But Mulligan said that's a small price compared to the price of labor for cleaning the sweet gum balls each year. Please read before purchase! Sweet Gum Ball Crafts. Candy cane crafts can be great a way to decorate your home for the holidays. BlueWhaleArts. Clean, beautiful and ready to use. The uses of the tree extend from structuring furniture to using it as an ornamental tree for the purpose of landscaping. Finally, I filled a dish with a few Sweet Gum Balls, small pinecones and artificial orange pumpkins. Bust open each green gum ball either using a hammer or a hatchet. $12.00. The gum balls or monkey balls are said to have several capsule-like structures, wood-like in appearance. Now, knowing all this please consider keeping that beautiful tree. The Annual Photo Contest voting is over. They may be available in craft shops in the North, or perhaps you can find a place to buy them on line. This is a great invention and price was a little less than at local hardware & Co-op stores. There are affiliate links are in this post. I used them in a dried display with fungi and artificial pumpkins. They have been cleaned & dried so theyre ready to be used. Mar 9, 2012 - Sweet gum trees are a wonderful shade tree that grows quite tall, but their spiky seed balls are a nuisance, often causing you to slip or twist your ankle. Using the toothpicks, stick the sweet gum balls into a piece of styrofoam, leaving space for paint to reach all sides. It’s easy to shape, stain, and paint. These pods are all over the woods and we're always looking for more sweet gum ball crafts to make! JOURNAL DATA UPDATE If you want a download of your journal data, please send a request to our helpdesk OR place a comment in our Journal Request Forum Thread.Journals are set to be removed by the end of the year so don't delay! No chemicals or pesticides have been used on these. This wreath is made from the seed pods from the sweet gum tree. Prepare the sweetgum balls by dipping toothpicks into glue and sticking one into each sweetgum ball. Sweet Gum Balls/Stickers - 100+ Hand-picked sweet gum ball/stickers for crafts and wreaths. For a large quantity of trees, you could go with either the 36" Push or the 36" Pull-Behind. This listing is for 150 sweet gum balls I gathered from my yard in northeast Alabama. By mid-fall, the balls are dead and seedless. They’re cute for using in crafts though. Winners will also be notified shortly. Other than that, sweet gum balls are often used in making crafts, Christmas ornaments, as kindling for lighting fires, barriers for slugs, and sold on E-Bay as porcupine eggs. Lawn Vacuums Most lawn mower vacuum systems clog up with the sweetgum balls, and a standard mower shoots them out the sides of the mower deck, making them into fast-moving projectiles. Overall, the Sweet Gum Ball Tree has much to offer. Perfect for my potpourris and these are definitely the best I've bought online. The boys and I filled an old grocery bag. Thank you! Finally Bag-A-Nut has your sweet gum ball removal solution! Free shipping . It is sprayed on, which makes me wonder if it would be more economical for arborists (and therefore you) to apply. I sat down in front of the TV and watched Live With Kelly when Josh Groban was the co-host, and I was in clipping heaven. The balls are a nuisance and can be a hazard if one steps on them unknowingly, but its a great shade tree. After gathering your sweet gum balls, sort and count them. 5 out of 5 stars (683) 683 reviews $ 11.75 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Mastic ( mastiha ) gum 100% natural chewing gum … Yeah, I giggled a little inside at the search terms. This is a guide about uses for sweet gum balls. This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard. Use them in a fun craft project or use them as mulch. There are a variety of festive ideas you can try with your children to make ornaments and décor for the Christmas season. Saved by Becky Blue. Here in Arkansas, they are easily gathered. From shop BlueWhaleArts.
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