Native Name(s): Northern Paiute: tu˙pi (Kelly 1932); tuupi (Couture et al. Genus: Cercocarps. Jul 30, 2015 - Cercocarpus ledifolius // CurlLeaf Mountain Mahogany. Curl-leaf Mt Mahogany Leafminer Lepidoptera: Heliozelidae: Coptodisca cercocarpella Braun. Left: Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, April 27 and October 11, 2010. Height: Between 3 and 30 feet. curl-leaf mountain mahogany Cercocarpus ledifolius var. View all comments . The larvae of this moth mine leaves in curl-leaf mountain mahogany, Cercocarpus ledifolius, leaving a distinct oval to round exit hole in the mine. Sci. Cerocarpus ledifolius Size: #5 8-20 feet high x 6-10 feet wide Open spreading shape Zone 4 Full Sun . Season: April to September. Leaves: Evergreen, entire, linear, lanceolate or elliptic, between 0.3 and 1.5 inches long. Cercocarpus ledifolius is a North American species of mountain mahogany known by the common name curlleaf mountain mahogany. Full sun. North Carolina mountain collection. Curly leaf mountain mahogany is one of the few broadleaf evergreens in the west. goveniana smells like lemon. Proc. 15 Jun, 2009; Answers. Ornamental Features. Shrublands, canyons, woodlands. Of the three Cercocarpus species found in the Four Corners states, C. ledifolius is by far the most robust, tallest, and thickest of stem, and it is also the least common. A shrub-like tree that’s native to dry mountain slopes between 4,000 and 9,000 feet in elevation. Native American Californians used the hard wood for arrows, digging and spearing fish. I give permission to use my email address to send notifications about new comments and replies (you can unsubscribe at any time). Stansbury cliffrose seed, curl-leaf mountain mahogany and New Mexico privet were all sown to a depth of 0.6 cm (0.25 in). Mature Size: 10’X 6’ Blooming Season: Early Spring Flower Color: Yellowish. Chad Keel from shares his knowledge on the Cercocarpus ledifolius or Curled Leaf Mountain Mahogany. Young smooth, white bark becomes thick, brown and deeply furrowed in older plants. The leaves of this evergreen bush curl during dry spells. More Accounts and Images; ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network (CELE3) CalPhotos (CELE3) Integrated Taxonomic Information System (CELE3) Jepson Interchange (University of California - Berkeley) (CELE3) Lady Bird … Call us at 1 315 4971058. This was Cercocarpus ledifolius, or Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany.As we walked up the dry, rocky path on this sunny day, we passed under and alongside many groves of mountain mahogany, and the effect was almost Mediterranean, as if we were walking through olive groves. var. It is the only broadleaf evergreen tree in the Intermountain West, and as such it offers an interesting winter contrast to the standard landscape conifer. Add it to a shrub border with xeric companion plants like Siberian spirea ( Sibiraea laevigata , zones 4 to 8, shown), fernbush ( Chamaebatiaria millefolium , zones 4 to 8), golden currant ( Ribes aureum, zones 2 to 7) and dwarf fragrant sumac ( Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Low’, zones 3 to 8). Family: Rosaceae. Web Search Engines for Articles on "Curl-leaf Mountain-mahogany" WorldCat; Google Scholar; Google Books; Above: Lower Cross Canyon, Utah, April 24, 2019. Curl Leaf Mahogany or “Tree” Mahogany is a native evergreen shrub common to the arid slopes and sidehills of the Great Basin. The project areas for the first year of implementation (2008) are proposed to consist of planting 12,000 bitterbrush seedlings and 5,000 curl-leaf mountain mahogany seedlings on approximately 433 acres. CERCOCARPUS LEDIFOLIUS, Curl-leaf Mt. Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Hedge; Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Cercocarpus Ledifolius; Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Growth Rate; Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Care; Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Tree; Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Usda; Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Elevation; masuzi. New to Bonsai: 23: Sep 1, 2020: What do I have? ledifolius – curl-leaf mountain mahogany Subordinate Taxa. My house, May 1, 2013. Bamboo . Very small yellow flowers turn into white, feathery seedheads in late summer. For an overview of the natural history, click here. Mahogany 40 cu in plug. Aire trail, September, 2016. Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany. 1986); tubi (Fowler 1989); toobe (Train et al. Cercocarpus ledifolius Nutt. Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany. It has been troublesome for the past two years and now once again we have many leaves which are curled with a fungus/mould. Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolius Nutt. Other Names: Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany. The fruit is tubular, with a distinctive curly light thin feather-like extension going out 2 to 3 inches. Habitat: Rocky slopes, up to 11,000 feet. Its low water requirements make it ideal for low-water landscaping and gardening. My laurel hedge is huge as we live on a corner plot. Curl leaf mountain mahogany (Cercocapus ledifolius) is an attractive native shrub. Interpreting Wetland Status. Description: An evergreen shrub or small tree that is great as an accent plant or screen; an attractive plant for dry situations; leathery dark green leaves with white undersides contrast the silvery white bark; can be shaped for bonsai or topiary . This plant has no children Legal Status. ... Curl leaf mountain mahogany, Cercocarpus ledifolius makes a mountain cabin look 12 Ft. Gowen Cypress, Cupressus goveniana ssp. These ultra-hardy, slow-growing deciduous shrubs can be used in either a more wild or formal garden setting. It is a perennial evergreen. 1957:35-36); too-pee (Train et al. Not available for the Early Order Sale. The curl-leaf mountain mahogany is often compared with the olive tree in rugged appearance and longevity, giving the landscape a distinct Mediterranean appearance. Curl-leaf mountain mahogany is ideal as a single-specimen accent plant or massed as a screen. Funnel shaped yellow flowers in the spring are followed by persistent feathery seed heads. 1957:35-36); toobe-buh-ah (Train et al. 46:67-74. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I … Mountain Mahogany, Alderleaf mountain mahogany, Silver mountain mahogany, Island mountain mahogany, Family: Rosaceae: USDA hardiness: 6-7: Known Hazards: None known: Habitats: Dry rocky bluffs or mountainsides, 1,000 - 2,700 metres in Texas[227]. Cercocarpus ledifolius is a North American species of mountain mahogany known by the common name curl-leaf mountain mahogany.It widespread across much of the Western United States as well as Baja California in Mexico. by | Aug 1, 2018 | Evergreen Shrubs, Shrubs. When you are growing hedges in zone 5, you should consider a holly hybrid. Curlleaf Mountain Mahogany, Cercocarpus ledifolius. The bark is a beautiful smooth, light gray. 12'x12'. Main flower color: Red. Range: All states west of the Rocky Mountains. Evergreen. Cercocarpus ledifolius and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Interpreting Wetland Status. This plant is great as a screening shrub. Vendor experiences: 28: Oct 2, 2020: Mountain maple? Curl-leaf mountain-mahogany. The wood of the shrub is extremely hard and reddish, from which the incorrect common name comes. and C. ledifolius Nutt. Mountain Mahogany (endgrain 10x) Subscribe. Related Links. Click To Enlarge Item #: 40CELE; Evergreen shrub for sun or part shade, grows to 15 feet. 10 feet Utah Service Berry is a very different looking shrub that can be used as a hedge in a mountain garden. Mountain Mahogany has attractive dark green foliage with white undersides. It can be found at elevations ranging from 600 to 3,000 m (2,000 to 9,800 ft) elevation, with the preferred altitude varying depending on the region. 4 Comments . Each flat contained 48 individual cells arranged 4 ×12 cells. Miscellaneous / Other: 12: Aug 30, 2018: Mountain Meadows Nursery - why are you not visiting yet? Cercocarpus montanus (Alder-leaf Mountain Mahogany) Rosaceae (Rose Family) Semi-desert, foothills, montane. Seed flats were held on a greenhouse mist bench with a 14 hr photoperiod using 400-W, high pressure sodium vapor lamps. It grows to 10 feet (3 m.) tall and 10 feet wide and thrives in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 8. Habitat is dry mountain slopes, or grassland areas in coniferous forests. Range: Western N. America - Washington to California. ledifolius curl-leaf mountain mahogany Legal Status. Related Links . Often clustered at the stem tips the leathery, sticky leaves are narrowly oval with a pointed tip (lance-shaped) and margins that curl inward. The leaves are thick and curled under, and the fruits have one long (2-3 inch) feather-like plume. This shrub will grow well on sites with sandy or rocky soils. This drought tolerant Wyoming native is found throughout the foothill country of the Bighorns. We have it cut professionally every year at great cost. Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolius) are evergreen, shrubby trees that grow to form impenetrable thickets at Middle elevations in the mountains. – curl-leaf mountain mahogany Variety: Cercocarpus ledifolius Nutt. Curl-leaf mountain mahogany Description: Curl-leaf mountain mahogany is a marvelous large shrub to small tree that would look good in any ornamental landscape, but is especially adapted for low-water landscapes. Colorado State University notes that the curly leaf mountain mahogany as a shrub that grows well in Colorado. The bitterbrush and curl-leaf mountain mahogany seedlings will be planted within the burned pile areas and/or skid trails that resulted from the western juniper treatment. Curl-leaf mountain mahogany is a drought-tolerant, large, bushy shrub or small tree native to the foothills of the western US. Mountain Mahogany is a very common shrub from 5,000-8,000 feet elevation. Family: Rose (Rosaceae) Scientific name: Cercocarpus ledifolius. Mountain mahogany. They separate from the tree and are carried by the wind at great distances to help the trees disperse. Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany. )By Forest Jay Gauna. One outstanding feature of the curl-leaf mountain mahogany is the feathery white plumes that attach to the seeds. Spring. Mountain mahogany is another family of cold hardy shrubs that are great for hedges. Notify of . Wetland Status. It grows best between 4,500 and 9,000 feet in elevation. Any suggestions. Leaves are curled at the edges. Montana Acad. Leave a Comment Cancel reply . Panoramic view on Mt. Spring. Can be pruned for an evergreen hedge. It is a poorly known insect. The birch-leaf mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus betuloides) and curl-leaf mountain mahogany (C. ledifolius) are both scaly-barked trees that may reach up to 9 metres (30 feet) in height. Wetland Status. The true, or alder-leaf, mountain mahogany ( C. montanus ) is a long-lived shrub common to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is often heavily browsed by elk and deer . Alderleaf mountain-mahogany made up only 0.01% of the vegetative cover on New Mexico's Fort Stanton Experimental Ranch, but percent composition of mule deer diets in the area as determined through fecal analyses were 6.9%, 5.0%, and 5.8% in June, September, and March, respectively . Photo: Michael Mozdy. Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany Advice? Estimation of Cercocamus ledifolius biomass and leaf area index: three methods. Weaver, T. 1986. It has small, leathery, dark green leaves that stay on the plant over the winter. Scientific Name: Cercocarpus ledifolius. Low Water. In it’s shrubby form it may have many small trunks, but in the right circumstances will take on a tree form with a single trunk and many branches. Shrublands. Cercocarpus ledifolius (Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany) Rosaceae (Rose Family) Semi-desert. 12 Ft. Piute Cypress , Cupressus nevadensis, can be used as a big gray screen. Inline Feedbacks. Cercocarpus montanus Raf. The small red-and-yellow flowers are inconspicuous; mountain mahogany should be grown for its fantastic curly-feathered seeds. curl-leaf mountain mahogany Habit: densely branched, upright and slow growing evergreen shrub/tree with one to several trunks, contorting into bold appearances. Full Sun. Good info here. I am beginning to hate it as I spend most of my gardening time picking up fallen brown laurel leaves.
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