Agi 09 Vit 01 Int 09 Des 09 Sor 01 Atributos Finais no nível 99 For 01 +04 Agi 91 +06 Vit 02 +02 Int 16 +04 Des 99 +20 Sor 26 +04 O build de Agi/Des original não tem uma freqüência de ataque do falcão muito grande, então Powerhouse Hunter (DEX/AGI) Edit STR: 1 AGI: 90-99(base) INT: 1-30 VIT: 1-30 DEX: 99 (base) LUK: 1 Skills: Double Strafe Ankle Snare Other suggested skills: Shockwave Trap Detect Remove Trap Probably the fastest build to Of course, if you can afford it (and it works in your build), You could do a good amount of damage and you may be able to dodge some monsters.You won’t just rely on the double strafe skill while leveling. Hell Plant Build The Stats 80 to 99 STR 80 to 99 VIT 20 to 40 DEX [Start with 10 DEX and work on the other stats first] The Build – Hell Plant Merchant Lvl 10 Cart Attack – 750% PATK at Lv10, Delay 2.5s Lvl 10 Loud [Classic] MVP Hunter Build + Gears? ステータス AGI>DEX>LUK またはDEX>AGI>LUK または、DEX=AGI>LUK その時の補正値や装備によって微調整をしていけばよろし。自分はLv95あたりまではA>D>L、その後D>A≧Lに落ち着いた。現時点ではって話で今後も調整は Str for carrying more arrows. Hunter AGI/DEX yang sukses itu itemnya mahal bos. Im hybrid hunter, i must say good equipment is needed for you to be able solo hunter,or at least a good weapon like mystical bow. * Blitzer - AIL lvl 90 As opposed to the powerhouse agi/dex build, this build sacrifices around 10 points from each of those stats and invests them in VIT. Should I use the archer set or aim for better gears? Lastly, it is also worth noting that you can move the 2 points from Deflection into Improved Wing Clip or Entrapment which is honestly minor and won't affect your DPS but could provide some RNG CC versus the RNG survival chance if something hits you and you manage to parry it. STR Strengh atau STR menambahkan phyisical atack, STR adalah basic dari job Swordman, Thief. currently playin ragnarokonlineph (loki server) may hunter na ako level 60, ok lang ba 90 agi, 80 dex, 26 int, 57 luk, 1 str, 1 vit para sa blitzer type? 外のビルドを参考にしています。日本版では流行が異なる場合があります。 ステータスポイント割り振り DEX > AGI > LUK 1 : 1 少々 … If you prefer to use 140 DEX while leveling, flash rosaries are a very good choice. Also, what build is best? * DPS - AD lvl 90 STR 0 AGI 77 VIT 0 INT 0 DEX 99 LUK 0 Similar to the above build, but it sacrifices Crit Chance for more attack speed. (Sube primero los estados en amarillo). This build will only grow more powerful when more pieces are added. Serem sih emang (awalnya). A única coisa ruim deste build é o fato de que demora um pouco mais pra upar do que os outros tipos de hunter, pois não tem a águia e tem que retirar mais Agi do que um Hunter MVP faria. DEXはカンスト、INTに補正込み60〜70、残りをAGIに振ることでASPD高めて殲滅力を上げたタイプ。プリーストからの支援が得られるPTプレイで真価を発揮する。高DEFの敵にも威力の高い手動ブリッツビートで片付けられる。 Our Hunter build includes a comparison of all viable Talent Specs, Item progression, Rotation and more. ラグマス(ラグナロクマスター)でのアーチャークラスビルド、特にハンター系列(アーチャー→ハンター→スナイパー)の最終的なステータスの振り方とスキルの取得を紹介していきます。アーチャーで始めたい人、ハンターを目指したい人、は参考にしてみてください。 The fact that you have no int on your build worries me, imho a hunter that doesn't take advantage of traps and the massive damage of real blitz beat is not as great as he could be. Bagi kamu yang sudah maen di trialnya kemaren, ada stat seperti STR, AGI, VIT, DEX, dan Lux dan disini mimin mau menjelaskan apa arti tulisan tersebut. 3 Luk = 1% chance to auto blitz. OWL EYE lvl … If you plan on using traps, your damage output will be a joke compared to pure trapper build. Sehr einfach zu leveln, auch sehr gut geeignet zum MVPen da auch eine sehr hohe Hit erreicht wird was immer von Vorteil ist. 外のビルドを参考にしています。日本版では流行が異なる場合があります。 ステータスポイント割り振り AGI = DEX +LUK 1 ano mga items pwede ko gamitin para sa ganitong build? Complete PvE DPS Guide for Hunter Class in World of Warcraft Classic. Terakhir Damage panah saya (Falcon Bild +4) rata-rata mencapai 1,000. It’s so good… if u want kill a MvP you can use +10Composite Bow[4] with 3 Abyssmal Pure AGI Build for Hunter Classes Discussion in 'Life Forge: Guides' started by Chibi, Apr 28, 2017. I used to be a full agi/dex, but made a full trap hunter and never looked back. This guide is an effective yet simple way for those who have an interest in the hunter class for a quick an easy 99. STR 1 AGI 70 VIT 1 INT 65 DEX 99 LUK 1 *Skills que subir cuando se es Archer. ด ผมคร บผมเล นฮ นเตอร สายAGI-DEXแต ร ส กเปล องSPมากเพราะชอบเบ ลอยากจะเอาagiมาลงintบ าง จะส นค ดไปไหมคร บ ม แนวค ดย งไงว ามาเลย str9 agi50 dex80 With a Build-Sketch in hand I can work with a StatCalc to find the specifics of the mid-build or end-build numbers. Agi and Dex 99, the other stats you can up Vit or Int (prefer Vit) - Str :1 Agi: 99 Vit:1 Int1 Dex: 99 Luk: 1 Well I use that build 4 years ago. い場合すらある) 攻撃速度とAgiを犠牲にDex・Int・クリティカル・クリティカルダメージを劇的に増加させます。 Lv01:Agi-5 攻撃速度-10% Dex+3 Int+3 クリティカル+3 Chibi New Member Newbie Build being really outdated by now and will be updated upon new tier set and content release. Agi Dex Hunter Ja..dieser Build glänzt durch seine Hohe Aspd gepaart mit sehr hohem Damage. ブスキル。 特に取得しない理由はありませんが、攻撃スキルを先に習得しておいた方が育成はスムーズです。主力となるスキルを覚えた後に、Lv10まで取得すると良いでしょう。 I'm still an archer (50/37) with 69-70 dex, 29-30 agi, 9 int. Agi Dex Ragnarok Archer This is the hybrid build. Saya sendiri pernah menjadi AGI/DEX di level 30-50. Sry but this kind of build is real worse. If you use pc to afk farming, then go for dex agi build, and hunt ez My base stat for Blitz build Str 11 Agi 95 Vit 21 Int 30 Dex 61 Luk 60 Yes, I know.You think it’s like hybrid hunter build. I mean, chosse if u wanna make an str, agi or dex Dhan and then take the adatapted skills. After you get 70 agi/30 dex, my hunter build was more for agi/hybrid so I won't say what I raised next. DEX increases your accuracy while LUCK increases critical hits and dodge.A DEX-LUCK archer's build is a bit radical compared to the more common AGI-DEX archers Don't waste zeny on it.Try to make new one Agi/Dex Hunter. I have 2 cards (cruiser, anolian) out of 5 for the archer set. DEX/AGI Hunter - posted in Archer Class: Making a Hunter so I needed a guide and since this forum doesn't have one yet I copied this one from the old iRO forums all credits goto Lady Freya and the other people that helped. One hunter will have the duty to get Improved Hunter's Mark 5/5 so that the rest of the Hunters are buffed. Tapi efeknya kita You're a sitting duck when mobbed. Check Odealo for the best WoW Classic Builds Since 150 dex is the minimum recommended DEX allowed for a PVP sniper (instant casting Arrow Repel and Falcon Assault is very important), snipers with this build get the minimum base DEX needed to achieve 150 with buffs. Não é bom pra caçar inimigos também, mas no final é o mais recompensador pra fazer todo o resto (WoE/PvP/MvP) . *Estados del Hunter (De Trampas). It depends on your playstyle. Usually, with 99 DEX, you can use two nimble brooches to reach 150 DEX on a Hunter. No agi, very low flee rate. What gears are best? (Dex, Dex and more Dex) Even with the use of runes, godlike equipment Int 30 for auto Blitz total damage is 1000. - posted in Archer Class: I've never made a character like this so I would like multiple opinions on it. 1.
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