Please advice me how will get this book….……….. Make a stock of necessary medicines and use them timely if something goes wrong. Sitemap Can you please suggest me that how much investment is needed if I want to start a small farm in Trisal Area taking a pond in lease. Selecting a suitable land/area for commercial fish farming is the most important part. Fish Seeds Providing you the best range of chital fish seeds, common carp fish seeds, pangasius fish seeds, tilapia fish seeds, mrigal fish seeds and pabda fish seeds with effective & timely delivery. And then you have to mix it in proper ratio. Some govt. Sir I have pond 200 feet length and 200feet wide and deep is 5feet how many telapia I can put my pond, Hi I have a pond about 2.5 bhiga and about 10 metres deep( depth need to measure), what types of fish firing I can do ? If I want to farm fish in intensive way in pond then how to determine required oxygen in water and fish quantity? After stocking, feed and take care of them properly. Ompok pabda is a patamodromous catfish and feeding habit is carnivorous.Non-air-breathing catfishes can be well suited to normal pond environment. Alhaj Enamul Haque Babul’s modern method of ‘Pabda’ (Butter Fish) farming in Abhaynagar upazila has not only grabbed the attention of locals for its uniqueness but helped many to become self-reliant. This is a very good site i am looking since few days. STEP 3: Once the Pabda machh or fish is fried on both sides remove and set aside . are common freshwater fish species. This system is called Re circulation Aquaculture system (RAS) . I am from Bangladesh. This trial was designed to evaluate the production performance of pabda and gulsha in carp polyculture management. In a word, fish farming in Bangladesh has many benefits and opportunities. Please suggest what are things that need to be taken care in the pond before introducing the fishes? Actually pabda fish (which is also known as Butter Catfish or Ompok pabda) is an Indian freshwater catfish species with very good market demand, especially in the North-Eastern part of India, Bangladesh and some other South Asian countries. In catfish (Clarias batrachus, Clarias gariepinus, Ompok pabda, Mystus tengra) nurseries, live feeds, ... -known that China is the first country to have developed techniques for the artificial breeding of carps which made fish farming bloom not only in China but also in the whole world. Witnessing the significant profit, the farmer now expanded the farming on a total of six hectares of water body at Teltupi village in same upazila. Thanks for your kind consideration! Try to select large land that is perfect for performing all types of necessary activities. Thank you! But, for commercial production and high profit, you must have to feed your fish high quality and nutritious food. AQUACULTURE (farming of fish under controlled conditions) is a growth industry striving to satisfy a growing market for food fish. You can watch the video : Pabda fishes are available in the Asian countries, especially found largely in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and some other south Asian countries. My question is how many catfish I can cultivate in every tank. For example, you can stock around 2000 fish in your pond. Commercial catla fish farming business is gaining popularity day by day. 500/- to 1500/- a kilogram and highly demanded particularly in the States of Eastern and North-Eastern parts of India. The first and easiest myth of aquaculture is that of fish welfare. Mahmudul hasan from Bangladesh;my pond is 1245BY900 fit;my pond is vary much suitable for cultivate any fish and i prepared my pond scientifically way; but my problems are few days ago in my pond i cultibate singh fish ranu;its produce many small fish and they grow up 2 cm long but one day morning when i find all fish are died and flotaing on water ;i don’t understand what’s the wrong happpen in my pond ?if u understand my question ,please give my suggestion that i can understand my fault. I would like to grow fish naturally providing least amount of food or no food at all. And this type of fertilizers and pesticides get mixed with air and rain water and pollute the water of fish farm and make a horrible environment. Success of fish farmer Momrej Ali Biswas has been encouraging the fish farmers to practice the same for the betterment of their socio-economic state, as well as contribute a lot in expanding the decaying varieties for the good eater people of the country, UFO said. Although most of the farmer depend on natural fish feed and have no interest in supplementary fish feeding. He has set an inspiring example of fish Pigeon I am very much interest in fish farming, i have already two pond ,each of around 120 ft long and 80 feet wide. Thank you! They generally live in clean freshwater. magur , Shingi, pabda and Gulsha tengra is good for this system. Thank you! This ghers are generally used for shrimp production by using traditional farming methods. Momrej becomes role model in Pabda fish farming. We are the Pabda Fish Seed Suppliers in Andhra Pradesh & leading Pabda Fish Seed Hatchery in Andhra Pradesh . You should stock less than 50 in such tank. If yes then how many ? Shrimp has a great demand and high value in local and international market. Myself Kawsar. The design of the pond depends on the fish species and production system. Hello we have started fish farming and have 50 bigha of land and made 8-9 ponds and size of each pond varies. Can you give me an idea that which fish I should farm to get the maximum earning and how much I can earn per year from this size of gher? This trial was designed to . Please contact any fisheries institute in your area for good help. sir I m thinking that I wanna go fishing business so I saw I pound so sir problem is water doesn’t stay in pound.. so the pound owner giving rent..!!! Before starting fish farming in Bangladesh, learn more about fish farming and try to have a training. Where can i take ornamental fish breeding training in bangladesh. What types of fishes should i farm in this pond? But just a rough idea. and non-govt fish farming training centers are available. He also released 6,000 carp prawns during the time. 108 Motijheel Road, Dhaka 1000, Thank you…. Marketing fish products in Bangladesh is very easy. However, while choosing a suitable area or land for your fish farming business, consider the followings. To save the decaying variety of fishes (DoF), like Pabda, the department of fisheries (DoF) has taken an initiative. so what kind of fish and how much fish I can cultivate there? Tilapia fish farming is very profitable and it is a common fish species of Bangladesh and suitable for commercial production in every place of this country. Pabda Fish Seed. Prawn cultivation will be a good option if there is saltwater. Thank you! Depending on the fish species, you should stock pretty good sized fish after raising them in nursing pond. And yes, you can grow carp fish and Monosex Tilapia fish together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Not only fish farming products as Huvimet is a single products works wonder for fish farming v have chicvet for chickens for poultry and calcivet for cattles. this area is total 6400 shotok. indigenous fish, pabda (Ompok pabda) and gulsha (Mystus ... of carp farming (Kohinoor et al. So, if you want to start fish farming business, then you can easily train up yourself from those training centers. So, you don’t have to think about marketing the products. Try to avoid polluted and flooding areas. Privacy Policy We pioneer of Pabda Fish Seed Farm , Manufacturer , Wholesaler in … Selected land must have to be far from the crop fields. You can choose any of the fish species according to your location. I want to cultivate Australian catfish there. You can stock about 100 catfish in each tank. And a major part of the total population of this country are directly or indirectly involved with fish or fish related business. Not only dis v have organic manure for cultivation of crops , fruits, vegetables, flowers. Catfish, Desi Magur, Tilapia carp and other aquatic … Pabda, a traditional local species of smaller size fish is fond of all. Jahed Ali of Baganmath area said three farmers of the village had started Pabda … its only 16 kata cause I m a student.. so what should I do sir.. there any idea that I can keep water in pound sir??? would you please give the the detail planning of initial cost, maintenance cost ,cost of fry,stocking dencity, feed cost and expected outcome. We can understand your question. Please review the following webpage. With their encouragement and technical support of the fisheries department, the fish farmers have been regaining their confidence to cultivate the same at their ponds and other water bodies in Kaliganj in Jhenidah. please advise which type of fish can cultivate in this area. But we can’t suggest the number of fish for such a high depth pond. And fish farming has a great contribution. Thank you! Indulge in our diverse selection: Fish… I have 120 decimal land area and going to dig a gher. Good luck! i have 15feet lenth 2feet wide tank….when rains fall,its full of water and water level must be stay in 6month,i am very interest to cultivate plz suggest me what type of fish i cultivate?how? Even the unemployed educated people can also contribute this business and create a lucrative business and earning opportunity for them. Cow banks also providing loan for this type of business with a very low interest rate. You can stock either regular or monosex tilapia in your pond. 10 meter depth is really very high and some fish species will not be suitable for stocking in your pond. Goat Developed fish farming methods can produce more and help to earn more foreign currencies. Fish are caught both from natural resources and by farming … You can stock 400-500 tilapia fish in your pond. Thanks in advance. In southern part of Bangladesh, the farmer used to make large ponds by making a embankment surrounding the flat land. Where can I find Big size plastic container for fish farming? 1997), their culture technique with carps in polyculture system is still under develop ed . are considered as the best place for commercial fish farming in Bangladesh. While selecting the land, keep in mind about your future business plan. Good transportation system with the nearest market or city is very effective. Collect the fish timely when the fish reach marketing age. Although, almost all places of Bangladesh are suitable for fish farming. Rabbit You can stock about 2700-3000 monosex tilapia fish in your pond. Follow the process very carefully. Despite the multitude of reports of horrendous fish health in aquaculture operations around the world, I was perhaps … Add in 1/2 tspn sugar, salt to taste and fry for 2 mins . Please review some fish farming project reports for having ideas on total costs and income.