Summer fishing is typically better from boats as trout move to deeper water to stay cool. Extra1. For walleye, try using Rapala Shad Rap lures, Rapala Husky Jerk lures, or Walleye Nation Shaky Shad. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Reports for Monday, June 1st, 2015. (04-19-19), The gates to the Red Cloud Loop are closed and still locked for the winter season. Try using flies or lures with metallic/bright coloration or produce noise/vibration to increase your chances. Angler information and participation in these surveys gives our biologists essential data that we will use to better manage and improve Utah's fisheries. Ice off is a great time to fish the reservoir. Make sure to visit often as these reports are usually updated weekly. You must use flies and lures only — bait is not allowed. Try using white jig heads or tube jigs tipped with mealworms or chub meat. (04-19-19), The reservoir is nearly ice-free, boat ramps are open, the wedge dock is installed at the main boat ramp, and the fishing is good. (03-08-19), Huntington North Reservoir had about 16 inches of ice on Mar. (03-08-19), Portions of Huntington Creek are still accessible, but there is a lot of snow in Huntington Canyon. (04-19-19), Both Kidney and Riverfront (just south of Kidney) ponds were stocked this week with 10- to 12-inch rainbow trout. (04-19-19), Access is limited by snow. Try using traditional lures and baits. Look for midge hatches on warm days. An overpopulation of chubs and potential for whirling disease to show up make Otter Creek Reservoir's future uncertain. (04-19-19), The reservoir was mostly drained in 2018 for irrigation needs. Community ponds are stocked every one to two weeks. Fishing is slow to fair for trout. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice, and drill test holes. Miller Flat Reservoir may be accessible with a snow machine. You may also encounter very muddy roads leading to the reservoir. Anglers are catching 10- to 14-inch rainbow trout and 18- to 25-inch brown trout. Pinch down the barbs for quick release. However, the fish stocked this year should grow fast and do well thanks to the full reservoir. Try using white or green tube jigs or paddle bugs tipped with chub meat. Otter Creek has an activity for almost everyone. Otter Creek This quiet getaway is a great destination for ATV riders, boaters, and birders. (04-19-19), Fair to good success reported for white bass, yellow perch, catfish, and walleye at the Gunnison Bend and DMAD reservoir outlets. Try using rainbow PowerBait or white tube jigs tipped with mealworms. If that time won’t work for you, 12:00AM to 12:00AM looks promising. If you're fly-fishing, try using dry fly midges (size #16-#18), BWO (size #16-#18), or midge clusters (size #16-#18) trailering midge emergers (size #22-#24) or small dry flies (size #20-#24). Also, try using yellow or garlic Powerbait fished 12- to 18-inches off the bottom using using a basic fixed sinker rig, or using a bit of nightcrawler fished 20 to 30 inches under a bobber. Good technique and local knowledge may be your ticket to catching trout. The reservoir is currently at 54% capacity. April typically provides the best fishing of the year, so look for success to pick up as the water warms over the next few weeks. (04-19-19), The pond was stocked this week with 9- to 11-inch rainbow trout. Otter Creek Reservoir Fish Report for 6-1-2015 . These nests are easy to see in clear water and sets up a sign post that anglers can use to target bass and crappie. Fishing Ice Off at Otter Creek Reservoir March 16th, 2020 @ 11:35am. Believe it or not, but you can find fish in this narrow stretch of open water as long as the depth is at least a few feet. Fishing is fair and anglers are catching 16- to 22-inch trout. Also, try using cheese or garlic Powerbait fished 12- to 18-inches off the bottom using using a basic fixed sinker rig, or a bit of nightcrawler with a kernel of corn fished 18- to 24-inches under a bobber. In order to reach the gate, the reservoir must be drained. The reservoir is capped with ice, but there may still be open water near the windmills in the middle. The gate to the Miller Flat road will close during the spring months as the snow thaws. Try using 1/6-once brass/red spot or Y5D/silver Lil Jake Lures, 1/4-ounce gold or holographic tiger Panther Martin WillowStrike spinners, or 1/4-once hammered gold or chrome Acme Kastmasters. Try reaction lures like jerk baits and swim baits.Burbot: Few reports but usually good fishing. Lake Powell finally stopped going down and has bottomed out at the elevation of 3,568 MSL. Utah River Flows  |  Fishing is slow and shore anglers are catching small rainbow trout. Looking for fish stocking reports? (04-19-19), The reservoir is rising steadily and is up to 66% of capacity. Annual passes are also available for purchase. Try using corn or garlic Powerbait fished 12- to to 18-inches off the bottom using a basic fixed or slip rig sinker, or using a bit of nightcrawler and a kernel of corn fished 18- to 24-inches under a bobber. Anglers are being encouraged to harvest small walleye to help balance the fishery out and produce healthier walleye populations. No angler reports as of 01/22/2020. (04-19-19), Releases from Piute Reservoir have been shut off, so flow is back down to the low winter level. (04-19-19), Midas has developed a significant leak in the pond liner and has not been receiving stocking. (04-19-19), Fishing is fair. We do not recommend anglers fish the ice. The road is clear over the dam all the way to the boat ramp. Blubber and Upper Kanab creeks were recently treated with rotenone to remove non native fish. Parowan Pond has also received rainbow trout. (04-19-19), The road from Mill Meadow Reservoir to Johnson Reservoir is not plowed, but some access is possible with four wheel drive. Our annual netting survey found good numbers of rainbow trout and very healthy wipers. (04-19-19), The gate to Payson Lake is closed for the season. (04-19-19), Shoreline anglers have been very successful fishing for rainbow trout. (04-19-19), Flow is running just under 30 cfs and has cleared up. Local fishing information, including Fishing News, Fishing Reports and links to Fishing Guide Services » Utah Lakes » Otter Creek Reservoir When a hatch is not occurring, try nymphing using caddis larva (size #16-#18), sow bugs (size #16-#18), or pheasant tails (size #18-#20). Remember the trout limit is two fish. Look for blue wing olives on overcast day. Next Report > Next Report > More Reports. (04-19-19), Ice off is a great time to fish this reservoir, though it is very full from the winter's runoff. Angler are catching rainbow trout, largemouth bass and channel catfish. Fishing is fair to slow and anglers are catching 13- to 20-inch rainbow trout. (04-19-19), Rangers have reported the reservoir has undergone a complete fish kill, with little to no survival. Expect high flow due to rain and runoff on lower Mammoth Creek, lower Asay Creek, and the upper Sevier River near Hatch. Try using small midges; worms or rainbow or garlic PowerBait. Also, try using 1/4-ounce silver Blue Fox Classic Vibrax spinners, 1/6-once brass/red spot or chrome/red dot Lil Jake Lures, or 1/4-ounce Acme Little Cleo spoons. (04-19-19), Access is limited to snowmobiles. (1) Navajo Lake Utah (2) Otter Creek Utah (2) Panguitch Lake Utah (8) Parley's Creek Utah (1) Pine Creek Lake Boulder Mtn. Now is a good time to get out before irrigation releases start. The reservoir is currently 46% full. Please use extreme caution on and around the ice. The main ice sheet is still fairly thick, so it could take a few weeks for the ice to come off. This is good news, however, as ice-off fishing should steadily improve through the rest of April and should continue through most of May. Try using flies or lures with metallic/bright coloration or produce noise/vibration to increase your chances. Submit any photos to (04-19-19), The ice is off. There have been no recent angling reports. (04-19-19), Welcome to spring transition time at Sand Hollow. (04-19-19), The fishing is hot. Try using live rainbow trout, yellow perch, hot steel or purpledescent colored Rapala Original Floating Minnows, Mepps Aglia spinnerbaits, or Acme Kastmasters. Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Otter Creek State Park, UT.